Charity Blue Bell – Helping women with post-natal depression

Blue Bell

As a new mother I feel very passionate about this charity.

There are thousands of new mums across Scotland who are in despair at a time when they fully expected to be overjoyed at the birth of a new baby. The Charity try’s to ensure that the 11,000 women across Scotland (an estimated 10%-15% of all mothers) who suffer from postnatal depression and its effects are able to receive the vital support they need.

I'm a staunch supporter of the Blue Bell campaign and have been hosting the Blue Bell Ball for the past two years in Edinburgh. The Ball aims to raise money for women suffering from post-natal depression.

If you would like more information or to donate to the Blue Bell campaign call 0870 8990910

Together we can reduce stigma for postnatal depression and put a stop to this silent suffering – for good.


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